10 Features Your Start-Up Web Application Must have

Your business might be having a website or you might be interested in developing a brand new website for your website. You need to know that the process of wed design can be an overwhelming process. After consulting some top web developers on what a start up web application should have and what they cannot do without, I decided to list the top ten features your start up web application must have.

1. A Logical Roadmap

Any website should be aesthetically pleasing. However, it is more important for it to be useful than just pleasing. Before you even settle on the server or the HTML tag, you should first map out how you would want the website to function. It will be important to both SEO and for user experience.

2. Complete Business Information

One of the biggest failures most people have is that they always try to develop a website that they want and not the website that they need. For example when developing a website for your restaurant, every person will rush at having a great About us page and forget on important page like directions, menu and contact information.
Ensure you keep your text minimum when you are coming up with the mission statement to ensure what you write is what people are able to skim. The best method you can convey your mission is by comparing your business with something else.

3. Contact Information

Contact information is considered to be the most important detail of your business website. That explains why the contact information should have its own page. It is more frustrating when it becomes difficult to get in touch with a company or a service.

4. Clear Navigation

Any map will be useless without a legend and a website too will be useless without a clear navigation. Ensure that you use an easy to understand and real names of for the various pages of your website. You should consider a call to action when you are developing your navigation strategy.

5. Security

You need to put some effort to ensure that your web application is secure and has an SSL certificate if you are selling anything online. The SSL will encrypt all the communications between you and your customers that will help in allaying their fears when they are providing you with their personal information. There is lots of identity theft on the internet. GeoTrust, VeriSign, Entrust and TrustE are some of the best options you can always explore.

6. Social Media Integration

There are many social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Foursquare and LinkedIn out there and it is important that you promote your presence on them using your website. Social media is considered a critical component when it comes to marketing your business.
Team Coo is known to do a great job by promoting many social channels though it is never a traditional business savvy.

7. A Mobile Ready Version

Tablets and Smartphones are known to drive a large amount of web traffic and the numbers can only grow as mobile devices become cheaper. According to the Bing for Mobile director, Andy Chu, 70% of the task completions usually happen within one hour on mobile sites. This means that people will often be browsing on websites with intent. They will always be looking forward to buy something, do something or go somewhere. Someone is likely to eat at a restaurant within the hour if someone searches for a restaurant on his Smartphone.

8. FAQ

People are always known to have many questions. As you receive concerns from your client and get feedback via email, you need to collect the most asked questions and make a list of them then provide clear and concise answers. Most of the questions will always revolve around the ingredients and materials used, company history, shipping information, return policies and sizing.

9.Good Hosting

Never mess with the hosting. You need to get your website on a mainstream provider and it will cost you some few dollars every month in order to have a 24/7 technical assistance. Having a bad hosting will cost you in a number of ways. A slow website will be frustrating and one that will fail you when loading and can turn off customers. Beyond increasing the bounce rate and annoying your site users, poor hosting can also affect your website rank in various search engines since most of the search engine algorithm will be able to detect the webpage loading speed.

10. Some Features You Don’t Need

You need not to underestimate the power of simplicity. You need to feel free to forgo some of the following things on your website.
• Flash
• Music
• Anything that outplays it can be a video or music. Extraneous media and information


The number of startup business are increasing every time hence an increase in the need of web applications. Most people do not know what their start up web applications should contain. The Points above will help any new comer to understand the most important features their start up web application should contain.

About the author:

This post is submitted by Kerin Miller. She is a Laravel web application developer at Stellen Infotech and a part time blogger. In her off hours, she can be found clicking pictures in the outdoors or reading novels.


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