How to Choose the Perfect Architect for Your Luxury Home?

If you are planning to build a LuxuryHouse, then there are some very critical things to know about finding the perfect architect. First of all, there are only a certain number of architects working today that actually have the right credentials necessary to navigate the difficult world of very expensive houses that will satisfy the most discerning clients’ emotional, as well as aesthetic and functional needs. The best architects for this task must have been in business providing this service for at least 20 years-the 1St 5 years will produce an expert, the next 5 years will produce a specialist and the next 10 (and more) can (but not necessarily) produce a Master architect. After this criteria is met, then one must verify that the architect can satisfy the following 10 requirements:

How to Choose the Perfect Architect for Your Luxury Home

  1. That architecture is his (or her) vocation and a “calling” and not simply a way to make money.
  2. That he (or she) can produce a long list of references of his (or her) many satisfied clients.

    How to Choose the Perfect Architect for Your Luxury Home
    Source: Ken Tate Architect Portfolio
  3. That he and his team are extremely talented in all aspects of design and detailing, and that he will tour his houses with you to verify theseabilities.
  4. That he and his staff have a vast knowledge of high-end construction, and that their knowledge is evident during the construction phase. A reference list of high-end contractors that he (or she) have worked with should be provided to you.
  5. That he (or she) produces highly detailed working drawings and that he (or she) can provide numerous full sets of drawings as verification.
  6. That he (or she) is a great collaborator, working equally well with talented landscape architects and interior designers.
  7. That he (or she) must have been published frequently in high-end design magazines like Architectural Digest, Veranda, etc.
  8. That he (or she) has hardback books published on his work by national or international publishers.
  9. That he (or she) is extremely intuitive, which is a gift most certainly needed for the unique ability required to “read clients’ minds” when they cannot articulate in words exactly what they want.
  10. And, most importantly, that he (or she) have a vast and profound knowledge of historical styles (including Modern), and that he (or she) can translate this knowledge into a contemporary residence that integrates the clients’ preferred style with all of the current necessary functional and technological advances required in a Luxury House.

Author Bio: This post written by Ken Tate. Ken is a luxury residential architect based out of Louisiana who works nationally. He is one of only a few classical luxury residential architects capable of designing highly detailed custom houses and estates.


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