Branding – Glorias del Pueblo

Glorias del Pueblo branding by Abraham Lule, a Graphic Designer based in Queretaro, Mexico. More images below.

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-1

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-2

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-3

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-4

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-5

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-6

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-7

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-8

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-9

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-10

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-11

Branding- Glorias-del-Pueblo-12


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