Measure your Social Media Influence with these 5 Tools

Social media has become one of the most important parts of online marketing. Whether you are running a simple informative blog or an e-commerce platform, social networks can really help you drive more traffic to your website. As a matter of fact, nearly 80% of web users are using social media platforms to communicate and share. In addition, a website’s 56% of traffic is driven from social networks.

But with so many social media platforms and metrics to measure, isn’t it really difficult for a business to keep track of their influence? After all, it is essential to know what you are receiving in return for your time, efforts and money.

Without monitoring the efforts you are putting in maintaining and boosting SMO, you probably can’t figure out from which platform you are driving the most traffic. Therefore, we have pulled together the best tools to measure your social media influence and make the most of your efforts and time.

1. Google Analytics


Google analytics is one of the most popular and most preferred tools. It is not only free of cost but also can be linked with Google adwords. Google analytics is a free tool offered by Google to help webmasters keep track of visitors on the website in real time. It comes with many interesting features including search engine optimization where you can check for which keywords you received more traffic to your website. Besides, it allows you to check your social media traffic, landing pages, trackbacks, conversions and users flow. It has everything you need to monitor the traffic of your website without charging even a penny.

2. SearchMetrics Suite

Searchmetrics Suite

SearchMetrics Suite is another popular tool to measure your social media influence. It allows you to completely capture the efforts you are putting in your website. It provides a holistic image of your business’s social presence across different platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. It comes with a social engagement functionality, which enables you to monitor your social communication in real time. It also evaluates a total number of signals for a particular domain. You can also track your campaigns, URLs, landing pages, and domain names. However, SearchMetrics Suite is a premium tool starting at $69 per month.

3. Klout


Klout is basically available as an extension for Firefox and Chrome. It helps webmasters to be great at social media. It comes with a great user-friendly interface to make monitoring and tracking easy for you. Klout is an outstanding tool that suggests the best sharable content, which is well-written and would bring a lot of traffic to your website. It uses graphs to determine your over-all influence. One of the most interesting features of Klout is its stats report, which indicates which followers influence you the most and whom your business influences in return. It also shows achievement section with simple icon collection to display the number of retweets, favourites, and how many users have mentioned you in their post or tweets.

4. Social Mention

Social mentions

Social Mention is a real-time tool that allows you to track social media information. It shows results from different sources including social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and much more. The tool is an excellent way to know who’s been talking about your brand on social media networks. It allows you to sort the information by source or timeframe. You can also get to know how much your posts have been shared again, the reach and the sentiment. You can also search a particular keyword on a specific social media platform. You get to choose among audio, videos, news, events, images, microblogs, and blogs. It offers a vast amount of stats besides actual results.

5. Twitter Counter

twitter counter

You may be maintaining more than one twitter account to increase your brand awareness. However, it normally gets quite hectic to handle many accounts at the same time. This is where Twitter Counter comes into play. It not only helps you maintain more than one Twitter account but also allows you to keep track of each activity on different accounts. It tells you whether or not your tweets have desired impact on your followers. Twitter Counter also allows you to communicate with your followers who can help you improve your brand awareness on social media platforms. It provides information in statistics and graph. One of the most interesting features of Twitter Counter is that it lets you compare your Twitter account with up to 2 other accounts. In addition, Twitter Counter is absolutely free of cost to use.

There are various ways to track your business’s visibility on social networks. However, the above five tools are so far the best tools that have been tested and tried by many webmasters. They come with various features to help you track various activities on your social accounts.


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