Quick Tips for Increasing the Downloads of Your Mobile Apps

Sometimes development method of a mobile application environment can be quite difficult as there are plenty of essential elements to be taken into consideration starting right from designing patterns to functionality usages. To generate high searching results for your mobile application brands, person needs to ensure that it is clearly visible for the download purpose for users so that the mobile application downloads are significant. Developers must take proactive steps to increase the chances of downloading mobile applications.



Developers should maintain the apps downloading consistency as their sole priority by maintaining the ranking of down-loadable applications everytime at high speed. Its totally worth maintaining the high ranking of your applications in app stores right after the release of your brand application software by receiving a surge of introductory popularity from users to grow an audience searching trend consistently over the period of time.

For initial ranking, developers need to maintain a certain number of downloading number to occur day by day within a given period of time. The quantity of various mobile application downloads might vary from category to category as well as in terms of price.

Encourage Reviews


Writing positive reviews from the fans of your mobile applications such as giving a valuable download reviews, writing a great user-experience etc. are incredibly as important from ranking viewpoint in each of your apps store. These “testimonial” lets users get to know more about your newly launched application from all over the globe about the downloads of your mobile application, which will further assist in building consistent traffic and installation process accompanied by users.



Developers should keep this in mind about the promptness of viewing applications by users. Pop-up alerts should be kept in mind while finalizing the application on apps store as this might lead to distraction for viewers and lead to a negative impact on them if not done so. In case of getting good reviews, developers should try their best to present the mobile applications that will attract and engage more visitors and thus, it will eventually encourage a task of accomplishment.

Cleaning Icon Designs


Designs chosen for mobile application icons can sometimes be crucial. There are users who only wants to see the reviews before making the decision through the application or just clicking on the download button. Use designing icons for crystal clear presentation of applications, simultaneously providing as much clues as possible to make it easy for users for quick installation. Avoiding overly designed mobile application patterns and too much attractive designing might leave a negative view on users. Like always said, simplicity is the policy for everything and its goes same with the designing patterns of mobile application icons for users. Using vibrant colors and bold styles will definitely leave a positive feedback from users but always try to keep it clean and relevant with respect to the purpose of your developed mobile application. Dealing with a well-known or recognizable brand with simplified version for your mobile application designing logo that is to be kept as the application icon is always the best option for designing.

Regular Updation


Always look for new and advance ways to improve your designed and developing mobile applications. This will help ensure that users across the globe are provided with a great experience and faced with as many few errors as possible for further improvement. It should be kept in mind that updates should be occurring at least once a month to enhance the visitors, view the mobile application with overall usability metrics of mobile application downloads.

Final Thoughts: Promoting Your App

Increasing mobile application download process for mobile application users is not that easy task. However, by implementing few advance steps with respect to mobile app users with few best practices will definitely increase the download quantity of mobile applications store rankings as well. Concentrate on whatever marketing initiatives are working best in the market for your mobile application brand across other platforms recently so as to compete with latest market trends; considering integration part into your mobile application strategies. By developing mobile application according to user’s viewpoint makes your application downloading worth.

About the Author:
Amanda Cline working as a Mobile app developer for Xicom Technologies Ltd- a leading Android App Development Services, i have penchant for photography and learning new things. I have been writing blogs based on my programing experience and i am avid follower of technology.


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