Top 10 Tools For The Smooth Development In HTML5

With rise in the need for mobile app development, HTML5 web technology continues to gain popularity. In fact, according to a survey, nearly 41 percent developers prefers using HTML5 for app development, as it provides ease, to write code once and run it across multiple mobile devices. Besides, it also enables in designing a website in a fun and quick way. If you too want to perform website or app development using HTML5, then there are some amazing tools that can make the task as smooth and seamless as possible.


Some of those tools are:

HTML Kickstart

This is a front-end framework based on HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript that can help you design website, as well as, publish it in a quick and easy manner. More importantly, it helps in building web page prototypes at a blazing fast speed using plenty of great customization options like buttons, menus, lists, tables, etc.


Want to build some amazing and responsive HTML5 themes? In that case, Initializr is exactly what you need. It’s an HTML5 template generator that will kick off your website development project based on HTML5 Boilerplate in no time, as it helps in generating a clean and highly customizable template for you.


IONIC is today considered to be one of the most promising HTML5 frameworks for developing mobile apps. It is built with SASS, and helps in developing feature-rich and interactive applications with the help of several UI components. Furthermore, the framework makes use of Angular JS, as well as, the JavaScript MVVM framework for app development. The release of a new version of AngularJS (i.e. Angular 2.0) that is said to be more focused on mobile, the IONIC framework will definitely gain even more popularity.


Despite the advantages that social media provides to build a wide customer base, email still remains one of the most effective tools to acquire more customers. However, traditional email templates might won’t be able to expand your customer base, as they can’t be accessed on mobile devices. But, with ever-increasing rise of mobile device usage than desktop use, it is important that your email templates work well on any device. This is where the Ink HTML5 framework comes to the rescue. It helps in creating responsive HTML email templates that can be accessed on any device.

Sprout Core

If you want to build an HTML5 based application without investing huge chunks of money, then Sprout Core is the right tool for you. Sprout Core is an open source framework, which means that it can be downloaded and used for free. The framework helps build applications that help deliver innovative UX (user experience) on the Internet. The best part about this tool is that it enables to build an app quickly that scales to meet your growing business needs.

Lime JS

It’s a well-known fact that game development is a profitable business. If you too want to be a part of gaming project, then Lime JS is an ideal tool for you. It is an HTML5 game framework that helps build a native-like games that works at blazing fast speed in touchscreens and desktop browsers. This framework is built using the Google Closure Library and comes bundled with functions and classes that help in controlling animations, shapes, and other important gaming elements.


Most developers today prefer using tools such as PhoneGap to build web-based applications that behave just like native apps in terms of looks and functions. You can also achieve such a need, using the Framework7 HTML framework. The framework not just help in developing web-based apps, but also help in developing hybrid apps that boasts a native iOS7 feel.


Do you want a tool that enables you to edit content in modern browsers? Well, then Mercury will definitely meet your needs.  It is an HTML5 editor that that is created to give developers the ability to make the best possible use of content editing in advanced browsers. The best aspect about this tool is that it comes with several pre-defined regions that help address all content editing needs, including Image Regions, Full HTML Regions, Snippets Regions and a few others.

Adobe Typekit

Apart from designing and developing a great HTML website or app, you also need to ensure that it renders a good user experience. One great way to do so requires an increasing readability of your text. Thanks to Adobe Typekit, you get access to a library containing a huge collection of web safe fonts.


This is a brilliant WYSIWYG tool for web designers that helps in creating CSS, by making use of a single sprite image. Basically, the tool allows to take parts of CSS from a sprite image that you like. Thus, Spritebox enables you to quickly sketch CSS classes and IDs for your HTML powered website.

Wrapping Up!

As designers or developers, you may often lack the time that is required for handling all the development needs of your project. In case, you want to work on an HTML5 website/app development project in a smooth manner, then you can opt for any of the aforementioned tools. All of the tools listed in this post help accomplish different HTML5 development needs in a hassle-free and quick manner.

Author Signature: Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers Ltd, which is the leading Android app development companies which delivers the most comprehensive iOS, Android and HTML5 mobile application solutions. She provides concrete information on latest information on mobile technologies like iOS or Android development processes.


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